Living your life with intention worksheets

The Living your Life with Intention action planning and goal setting course is delivered through 12 weekly one hour online coaching sessions. This course supports you to clarify your intention, vision and purpose to help you identify and prioritise your goals. This will help you to create a clear strategic action plan to achieve your dreams to live a fulfilled life.


This course will support you to gain clarity and focus to develop clear strategic actions to achieve your goals through a deeper level of self reflection and discovery to gain a new life perspective.


This course will assist you to address the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your true potential by developing a clear plan for the future. ​​

Week 1

Self assessment

The self assessment will help you to think about where are you now and where you want to be. This will help you to create an action plan to review the progress and outcome of your goals.

Week 2

Self reflection

Self reflection will support you to think about the impact of your feelings, thoughts and behaviour and how this impacts your ability to take actions to achieve your goals. This will support you to reflect on the changes you need to make to achieve your goals.

Week 3

Clarifying your purpose, intention and vision

This exercise will support you to reflect on your goals and assist you to prioritise the importance of your goals in all areas in your life.​

Week 4

Defining your purpose, intention and vision

This exercise explores your intention, purpose and vision to help you think about how you can live your life aligned to your purpose. ​

Week 5

Identifying limiting beliefs

This exercise will explore the limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Week 6

Understanding your strengths

This exercise will explore the strengths that support you to achieve your goals and identify the strengths that you would like to develop.

Week 7

Exploring your values

This exercise will support you to explore the personal and professional values that enhance your personal and professional development. This exercise will support you to align your values with your goals.

Week 8

Effective time planning

Time planning is the foundation to achieving your goals. This exercise will help you to explore how you can use your time more effectively.

Week 9

Creating SMART goals 

SMART goals will help you to develop goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.

Week 10

Creating SMART actions

SMART actions help you to create clear measurable actions so that you will know when you have achieved the action.

Week 11

Reviewing your goals

Reviewing your goals will support you to assess your progress towards achieving your goals.

Week 12

Post self assessment

The post self assessment will review the actions you have taken to achieve your goals throughout the course.